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Northern Cyprus – Crypto Investors Hot spot

Northern Cyprus becoming Blockchain startups and Crypto investors new Hot spot.

The Northern Cyprus is known as Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. North Cyprus is solely recognise by Turkey, but the international world considers it to be part of the Republic of Cyprus. North Cyprus has been under embargos over 35 years and disconnected from the rest of the world. Will blockchain and cryptocurrency will break up this isolation and connect it to digital and virtual internet of things and grove its economy?

Blockchain startups are getting attention and growing rapidly in Northern Cyprus. Bahçehir Cyprus University creates the “Bahçehir Cyprus University Blockchain Research Center,” making it the first university in the TRNC to do so. The Bahçeşehir Cyprus University Blockchain Research Center hosts coding events, seminars, workshops, and trainings for professionals as well as people of all ages who are interested in this hot issue of the future.

Everything has changed since cryptocurrencies arrived on the island. Over 20 offline bitcoin/ cryptocurrency exchange offices and two internet exchange offices have established in the previous two years. More fintech and blockchain firms are now investing in Northern Cyprus.

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