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Forbes Magazine Points to Northern Cyprus for Real Estate Investment!

Forbes Magazine, with an article published in 2021, showed the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus as one of the best addresses to invest in real estate. In the article written by Kathleen Peddicord, the TRNC was among the 5 countries that offer suitable opportunities to invest in the coastline.


The article shared which opportunities Colombia, Brazil, Mexico Belize and Northern Cyprus stand out for real estate investors. In the article, which specifically mentioned the Iskele-Long Beach region, it was said that the TRNC stands out with its cost of living and real estate prices, and that foreign investors are already a place of great interest.


Confirmed by Forbes Magazine, TRNC provides many advantages for real estate investors. High rental demand, short amortization period (8-12 years), renting in foreign currency and convenience provided to those who buy a house in residence permit are some of these advantages. In addition to these, many touristic facilities and entertainment venues, as well as a calm nature and a safe life, bring living in the TRNC to high standards.


Cost of Living and Affordable Prices

Forbes writer Peddicord states that living in Northern Cyprus, which he defines as a former British colony, is quite convenient compared to similar countries in the Mediterranean. Talking about the unique hotels and casinos of the country, Peddicord says that a more convenient, more reliable and friendlier life is possible in the country by comparing the country with the important countries of the Mediterranean such as France and Italy due to the developed tourism.


In the article, which was prepared based on a survey conducted by an international company, houses between 70 and 100 square meters and with two bedrooms were compared. According to the results, owning a house with a sea view in the Iskele area of Northern Cyprus costs $75,000. This situation shows Iskele as one of the best investment addresses to live on one of the most beautiful and longest coastlines in the world.

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