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About Us

At the core of our business stands the unshakeable commitment to integrity. For us, it means doing what is right. Every time. All the time. Even when no one sees you. At the very basic level, it is about respecting the laws and regulations of the country we operate in. It is about upholding our company’s code of conduct even in the face of challenges. It means never sacrificing company interests for personal gains. It means being honest with ourselves, our colleagues, clients and partners and earning their trust.

We are unafraid to take a personal responsibility for going an extra mile or doing something new. Our staff treat the company with care, passion, prudence – just like they would treat their own business.

When we work as one team across departments, business units, and countries we produce phenomenal results. When we collaborate with clients, partners and suppliers we far exceed market expectations. The impact of these synergies far surpasses that of any individual contribution. Collaboration creates a sound working environment and leads to higher efficiency. It accelerates problem-solving and enables innovation. It nurtures trust and respect.


We must be the market leader in the businesses we operate in, we do not accept second place


The primary objective of the company is protecting customer interests by preserving such corporate values as transparency, honesty, accuracy and efficacy


Integrity, profitability, entrepreneurship, quality, cooperation and individual approach to each client

Fahri Can Sarıoğlu


He was born on April 02, 1978.
He graduated from Istanbul University, Department of Civil Engineering in 2003.
He started to work as Project Manager in Shipbuilding sector in 2003.
In 2005, he started to work as a Civil Engineer in the family operated  company on projects in Bodrum and Girne.
Until 2012, 41 luxury villas and 29 swimming pools were built and sold.
During this period, he founded a company in London and lived there, working on the sale of residences in the TRNC.
He settled in New York in 2014, received various trainings and worked in the construction of high-rise skyscrapers.
In 2016, he settled back in Girne and established companies on Construction, Tourism, Marinetime and Real Estate Company.

Founder Message

We firmly believe in the importance of credibility in the current challenging business environment and we are certain of the validity of our strategy, based on our Corporate Values. We stay committed to being a representation of trust, continuity, operational excellence and respect for all our stakeholders: our countries of presence, shareholders, employees, clients and partners.

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